I Went To My First Lolita Swap Meet: Here’s How It Went

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Lace. Frills. Cuteness. ALL THE accessories.

Lolita fashion was basically made for me. But I’m getting ahead of myself. First, for those of you who might have no idea what Lolita fashion even is, here’s what the Wikipedia gods define it as:

Lolita is a fashion subculture from Japan that is highly influenced by Victorian and Edwardian children’s clothing and styles from the Rococo period. A very distinctive property of Lolita fashion is the aesthetic of cuteness.

Lolita is something I’ve known about since I was a wee homeschooler. I think being raised alternatively meant I found out about a lot of nerdy communities earlier than a lot of other people. For instance, I had kids playing Magic at the lunch table when I was 10 years old (before it was cool) and I’ve pretty much always had friends who were furries. We were all a little weird, and built our own beautiful little nerd utopia. It wasn’t until I went to college that I found out these things were pretty niche. Especially since I went to a small private school, the expectation was more around knowing about designers than Dungeons and Dragons.

It’s pretty apparent that I’ve now settled right back into my nerdy childhood ways, but I definitely had a span of about five years where I tried desperately to be normal. Ha. Me, normal. As an adult I’m now able to invest in a lot of these communities that I was raised around and Lolita is one that I’ve been excited to pursue for a WHILE. About a month ago I decided to just go for it.

After signing up for a couple of local groups I saw that there was an event coming up. The thing about Lolita is that it can be a bit overwhelming. There’s a LOT more than just clothes that goes into it, but I also wanted to make sure I looked somewhat presentable…on a budget. The Swap Meet was perfect for the getting to know some people and getting some great clothes. So I put it in my calendar.

Then I got sick.

The morning of the swap meet I felt like a total mess as I was struck down by the plague. But the thing about swap meets is that they only happen every few months so not going meant having to wait months until the next one. So I pulled myself out of bed, took a Dayquil and some allergy meds and went anyway.

The meet was so much fun!

It’s always a little bit awkward to show up to an event where everyone seemingly knows each other, because I definitely didn’t know anyone. But as I started talking to people and buying merch I started to make some new friends. Honestly, everyone I met there was SO welcoming and some of the girls gave me free stuff since I’m just starting out on my Lolita journey.

One of the really special things I found out about from this swap meet was that the community in my city is super active and does a lot of activities regularly. I’m pretty excited to go to some events while dressed in my full Lolita gear. Actually THRILLED is more of the word. I’m just so incredibly happy I found this community and really feel like it’s the beginning of some beautiful friendships.

Here’s what I ended up getting at the swap meet. What do you think!?


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