New Recruit: Republic Of Gamers Tribe

Today I reached a major milestone: I paid off my last student loan.
This has honestly been such a huge goal for the past few years because in addition to racking up debt from living in Paris (which I’ve also now paid off) I wanted to really truly get back in the green by cutting ties with student loans. It was not easy.

I’ve definitely lived below my means for the last three years in order to save up money and throw down on loan payments, but it’s also been a really awesome lesson in how to save money when you really want something. Student loans are so weird, because you’re not really saving up for something tangible (more like throwing money into the wind) but the feeling of relief knowing that whatever I do in the future I won’t have those payments anymore, feels pretty damn good.

As a reward to me paying off my loans I bought a new gaming laptop (and by new I mean refurbished, because like I said I’ve established a mentality of saving money that I don’t plan on changing) and I’m super excited! What did I get?

I’m officially part of the ROG tribe and I couldn’t be happier. I did quite a bit of research before buying this laptop, and I harassed quite a few of my friends who know computers before I put money on this device. Of course I won’t know until I get it, but I think I made the right decision and I can’t wait to play the games I love (and discover new ones!).

All this to say, I’ve been planning this out and budgeting this decision for such a long time and it just seemed like the perfect opportunity to make the purchase after paying off the student loan gods. So cheers to today. Who knows what tomorrow brings, but today we party.